Graham gives Fractions the 10 Out Of 10 treatment;

Describe Fractions’ sound in 3 words? 
Martin: Sad Synth Pop

Specifically to Martin/Ben, what made you take this music avenue after the success of your previous/heavy bands?
: The time was right i guess. I love song writing and collaborating as well as a wide range of music, so the chance to do something at the opposite end of the spectrum was really appealing to me. I still love heavy music, but after ten years writing heavy songs, from a learning perspective it felt more appealing to explore other interests in music. I guess trying to push our boundaries as song writers.

Ben: I was raised listening to all sorts of music, so always appreciated a wide range. As a music fan, I cant understand how people can be fans of just one music genre alone. I want to listen to a good pop artist, followed by a hip artist and a punk artist. Going down this synth pop avenue just felt right and certainly was a new challenge.

Was it a conscious thing? 
Martin: In the back of my mind, I’ve always sort of known I wouldn’t play heavy music forever. I feel like that sounds terrible to say, as like i said, I love heavy music and it’s greatly shaped the person I am today, but I’ve also always been influenced by a wide range of music genre, so was always drawn to the idea of giving something else a go.

Ben: I wouldn’t necessarily say it was a conscious thing but it sort of fell into place, through us all sharing a general interest in pop.

How has the reaction been? 
Martin: So far so good thanks. Playing to people of all ages has been something I’ve really enjoyed.

Ben: Very different to playing in heavy bands. You tend to find a more eclectic group of people come to the shows now. its seems like a whole different culture.

What are your ambitions with Fractions? 
Martin: We’re just concentrating on having fun and trying to make good music. We each have pretty hectic lives that we’re juggling at the minute, though we’re in it for the long run and we’re trying to fit in as many shows as possible. Since Sink Your Teeth is Natasha’s first venture writing the vocals, so we’re naturally really keen to get some more new songs finished with her as soon as possible.

Last year you supported The Human League, how did that come about? 
Martin: We got asked over Facebook from the guy who booked the tour. Their tour support had dropped out of both Newcastle and Glasgow, so we got to replace them on both dates. They looked after us really well and it ended up being a dream come true. Slightly scary as one of my youngest memories is my Mum & Dad playing the Human League driving to my aunts.

You’ve had a few membership changes in the early stages. Did you expect that?
: Yes and no to be honest. Without initially realising, everyone had lives that were going in different directions and wanted different things, so ended up more naturally separating. No one got kicked out or anything and left at different intervals. Recovering from our original singer Lucy leaving was something we weren’t sure would happen, so Natasha joining the band really saved Fractions. Big shout out to our ex synth player Joey Murphy who contributed towards both synths & drums on this single. Joey was an integral part of Fractions, though has gone on a hiatus with creating music in general. We hope he gets back soon and he knows he’s always welcome to return if he would like, being a founding member with Ben and myself.

Has it changed anything in terms of the dynamics of songwriting, or have you changed like for like?
: Now Joey has departed us, Ben has fully taken over Drum & Synth duties on the next few songs. To be honest, following this song, we’re at the end of our more dreamy sound in favour of going slightly heavier. So far the new songs are sounding different, but in a direction we’re really excited about. We did have a load of songs we’d began working on with Joey, but felt with him leaving it would be bad taste to use more than Sink Your Teeth, since it was the only song fully complete before his departure.

I was at your debut show, when you had lead single from your EP ‘Breathe’ on sale in cassette form, and now a new single. Is the plan to release smaller releases like this, or go full LP?
Martin: Since being in a bit of a transitional period still, we’re going to focus on releasing some more singles. Give us chance to experiment a little with our new direction before committing to a full LP.

Finally, If you could pick 3 bands, alive or dead, to tour with, who would they be?
Martin: New Order, Depeche Mode, The Cure

Ben: The National, Genesis (peter Gabriel era), The Cure

Keep an eye out for Artrocker’s exclusive premiere of Fractions’ new single ‘Sink Your Teeth‘ on Thursday morning.

Graham Macmillan-Mason