Graham gives Making Monsters’ Paul Monk the 10 out of 10 treatment.

So, Making Monsters, where does the name come from?
Basically in the very early stages of the band, when it was more of a jam side project between friends, our guitarist’s partner was pregnant with their first child. While brain storming potential names he came up with ‘Making Monsters’ based on the fact that everyone was joking if his child is anything like him, it’ll be mental. Hence making a monster..

Some absolutely cracking bands have came out of Derry, most noticeably Fighting With Wire/Jetplane Landing. Did you look up to those bands as you were forming the band?
More so with Fighting With Wire than anyone else from here yes. Probably one of the best bands Derry has ever seen. We actually had the pleasure of being invited onto the bill of their last ever show a few years back in ‘The Venue’ in Ebrington Square, something like a 7000 cap venue with pretty much unlimited free drink at the bar and after party for the artists and family. It was absolutely mental, so many amazing bands on that bill, which they had toured with over the years. Amazing bands and lovely people. Hoping some day they reform!

You played with heavily established bands such as Fightstar, Young Guns and Silverstein. Did you pick up any tips from them? If so, what?
Just to be as tight and consistent live, as they are. Watching and playing with those acts night after night was amazing, and a real eye opener as to the standard a performance should be in order to compete with the big names. We like to think we did a pretty good job opening up for those kinds of bands, but with an aim to some day be ‘that big main act’.

Your new EP, ‘Bad Blood’ is released this month. What are you ambitions for it?
Basically, to surpass anything we have done previously and to get a foot in the door to bigger and better things. So far it couldn’t be going better, the feedback has been mind blowing, we’re extremely proud of it!

In terms of the bands sound, musical direction, did you learn anything about yourselves, or the band, during the recording process?
Not so much during the recording process, but possibly after listening to the finished product, in comparison to how the songs started and are then gradually built up with layers and the sections improve. We honestly don’t really know what the next song will sound like, its just like whatever happens, happens. As apposed to writing with a particular style in mind, we think it’s more organic and ‘the real us’ by just playing whatever feels right at the time.

What’s next for you on the back of the release?
Hopefully this record introduces us to a wider audience and helps the name grow. You never really know what offers might arise or might be around the corner. But in terms of our personal priorities and goals, getting back to the mainland is next, and then to finally start working on a debut album!

Like most new exciting and upcoming homegrown bands, you’ve came from grassroots. What do you think about online music sharing? Did you or do you ever give your music away for free?
The internet is an amazing thing, everything is far more within reach for the artist if you do the right things, but its also completely oversaturated and has really damaged the value of music, with free downloads etc. When starting out its always good to give a little something away for free to draw in some listeners, but also value yourself and don’t give away everything. Being in a band is expensive enough as it is! When starting out we made our debut EP ‘pay what you want’ meaning if the listener didn’t have enough to purchase it, they can still get it free, and there is also option for the fan to name the price. It’s better they have it, than not have it at all.

You’re currently at number 14 on the Kerrang! Chart alongside bands such as Deftones, Biffy Clyro and Architects. How does that feel?
Absolutely mental. Seeing our name on the chart with such big names is certainly not something we expected atleast so soon, and being the only self release artist in the top 20. Definitely one to tick off the bucket list, and reassurance that the small guys can sometimes still prevail!

Which 3 bands, alive or dead, would you tour with if you could?
Deftones, The Used, Korn.
These bands are probably our biggest influences and without being introduced to their music we’re not sure if we’d even be playing our instruments or if we would sound like we do today. To share the stage with any of them would be a huge achievement.

Finally, describe yourself for people who haven’t heard you and where can they find your music?
If you like loud riffs, aggressive powerful vocals with sometimes heavy sometimes melodic music.. then please be sure to check out us on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and other social media sites.

Making Monsters’ new EP, ‘Bad Blood is out now!

Graham MacMillan-Mason