CHAPPO playfully befuddle the listener with ‘I’m Not Ready’. It’s a song full of juxtaposing lyrics, frenetic vocals, and high energy from start to finish. One is immediately catapulted into a spaced-out frenzy of pop and rock.

This theme follows throughout the whole album. ‘Future Former Self’ is a cosmic body of work where the members of CHAPPO explore the abstract nature of time and the experience it has on the perception of reality. In CHAPPO’s world, the concept of time is twisted hopelessly out of focus. Like Rene, the character at the centre of this interstellar journey that is ‘Future Former Self’, the band seems to have recently travelled back from a distant black hole, bringing with them a kaleidoscope of new and mesmerising sounds.

CHAPPO’s releases have been well received and found early radio support from the likes of John Kennedy, Simon Raymond, Jim Gellatly, Steve Lamacq, and Charlie Ashcroft to name a few, and backing from publications such as MOJO, Hi-Fi, Richer Unsigned, GIGsoup, Vulture Hound, FAME Magazine, We Close Tonight, and Howl & Echoes.

CHAPPO were formed in the East Village of New York in 2009 and have since built an enthusiastic and rambunctious following. Splitting the difference between the guitar-driven psychedelia of ‘60s west coast rock and the spiritual witch doctor moonshine of Dr. John, they tour constantly and have supported the likes of Of Montreal, Big Data, Imagine Dragons, The Flaming Lips.

1) You are currently on tour in the UK, having just played the great escape – how was that for you?

Brighton was a blast. We had a packed house and played a rowdy set. We also got a chance to see the ocean. Brighton is an awesome city, and we’d love to come back. We got to catch a bit of the Europa League final football game at a local pub.

2) We are loving I’m Not Ready – it’s the third release from your album… can you tell us a bit more about the making of the album?

This album was our first experience with a proper studio. We had recorded in the past in our living rooms, home studios and experimented with tape. For this album we tried a combination of capturing the live performance but at a legitimate studio with a great live room. We recorded to tape as well.

3) What’s your favourite song to perform from the album?

I’m Not Ready is a fun one to get wild with and dance around and Run Me Into the Ground seems to be a crowd favourite.
4) There’s a lot of cosmic loving throughout the music, if we were to jump on board your spaceship what can we expect?

We always keep the space fridge lined with glowing purple Moon juice, some anti nausea fog that helps with the gravity float-jag. Hover around and play music in the weightless studio which comes stocked with a floating record player. (Everybody gets a turn DJing) You’ll have fun, and it’ll be chill.

5) What’s next for you guys?

We’re having such a good time here in the UK, we might just stick around… We do hope to get back for more touring here soon, but back in New York are gonna play some parties and other fun stuff coming up, and we’re in the middle of writing the next batch of songs as well.