We sound like… a Town Crier warbling about the end of the world, except instead of a bell he’s accompanied by three rogues playing ‘indie’-ish tunes with, uh… feckless abandon.  I always say ‘indie’, but that’s about as non-descript a description you can get. Seriously, if I remember correctly Coldplay are listed on iTunes as ‘alternative’. I can only imagine how many people desperately click that word on Coldplay’s page hoping it’s a link to tunes that don’t sound like particularly subdued goats who’ve had their fields sprinkled with Rohypnol. But yeah, we’re not jangly-wangly indie, although a lot of that kind of stuff is great.

Basically we take bits of post-punk like Talking Heads,  psychedelia a la Tame Impala, some math-rockishness in the vein of Battles and 90s alt-rock reminiscent of Fugazi and mix it together. We also listen to a lot of classic hip-hop and I’m a gigantic Radiohead fan.

The funny thing about us is… Hang on, I’m going to stop here to underline a serious point. There’s nothing funny about IVORYSERFS. We take ourselves incredibly seriously and are witless, pompous and dull, in addition to being exceptionally vain, shallow and crass.  If you dredge the annals of some arid legal library you’ll find multi-thousand page documents on the ins-and-outs of property law that possess more innate humour, winning charisma and lyrical resonance than we have. We’re funny to laugh at, at least.

When we play live we like to… sway and spring, jig and jive, flail and be flailed at. Having fun is important but getting across the mood of the songs is crucial too.

Our best song is… ‘yet to be written’ is probably accurate. If that’s ruled out then ‘yet to be recorded’ is similarly true – we’re really excited about the next flock of songs. A lot of the new ones feel political, but lyrically I’m not sure how explicit to be in that area yet. As far as songs to date go.. I suppose like parents with many children, we are morally obliged to love the four songs on our Soundcloud equally. At a push, staying with this clumsy analogy ‘Cooling Towers’ is the eldest, best looking child who excels at sports, is cheeky but mature and has a lovely girlfriend. In all seriousness that’s the song with the most emotion invested in it, I think.

IVORYSERFS play Power Lunches in London on the 31st of March. Stay tuned with the band’s scintillating wit here.