We are .. Kieran Leonard (self-proclaimed spiritual entertainer)  

We sound like .. The murdered awareness of the perpetual ephemeral. I sound very much like me -imprisoned as I am in the underground reaches of the world where I cause the stupid cathedral of all faiths to shake. Moderate Folk Rock.

The funny thing about us is .. Our inability to escape the gnawing feeling of lack in all areas of life that make most of our relationships transient, short-lived and meaningless. The upshot being we can’t feel love, only the desperate want to consume, we rail against this with the impotent fury of addicts. 

When we play live we like to .. Bury the erection of my thought into the morbid dream of hierophants and spit in the face of their sad simulacra the cold sperm of my scorn.

Our best song is .. Well I must say that I am very proud of all the songs I have written for Kanye West, but immediacy in our culture always generates a misplaced sense of merit so I will say our new upcoming single  ‘Underwood Milk’.

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