It seems extraordinary given her haunting vocal and charismatic presence but Kitty Finer’s musical career began at the back of the stage, on drums. She first served as stickswoman in anarcho-artist Aaron Williamson’s Clippity Clop, which also featured The Nips’ Shanne Bradley. A subsequent musical get-together with her sister Ella and father Jem Finer, formerly of The Pogues led to the formation of The Good, The Bad And The Ugly for a one-off show that turned into a full summer tour due to popular demand and culminating with a final appearance at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.  It seems Kitty hasn’t looked back since.

Listening to newbie ‘No One Needs To Know’, a fine follow-up to ‘Girls in the Garage’, Kitty Finer is clearly adept at delivering bright, feelgood pop melodies as she is edgy DIY garage-rock. Kitty is spending much of summer 2015 in the studio, piecing together a debut album that is sure to prove one of the year’s more distinctive, head-turning collections.  But that didn’t stop us hitting her up with the 5  questions    

I am .. Kitty FinerI am a London born, raised and once again based (after

time at Bristol and Glasgow art schools) artist and singing songwriter. When I’m not
performing, I paint, build bars and instigate/run happenings. I put on an event at the endangered Horse Hospital, a club night that I co-host with family and friends. This night brings together experimental music, pop music and fine art performances.

I sound like .. I have listened to 60s girl bands, 70s girl bands, 80s girl bands and 90s girl bands.

The funny thing about me .. is that despite being heavily influenced by girl bands (through the
ages) I still haven’t formed a girl band!

When I play live .. I like to dance during the instrumental breaks, talk to the audience and despite joking that my band are
called “The Bonus Balls”, I always name check and thank each brilliant musician: Tom Ash, Noah Kelly, Felix Weldon and Tomoya Forster.

My best song is .. ‘Girls In The Garage’. I asked Gina Birch if she would like to make a music video with me and asked her to choose her favourite song so I was very happy that she picked ‘Girls In The Garage’.