Ok then .. so a new guitar band from Manchester. Nothing new there we hear you cry. So how do we peak your interest? Well..they like to do glitter and they’re led by the son of a certain Johnny Marr. But of course that’s not all you need to know..we threw them the questions to find out a little more.. 

We are .. Man Made, a three piece alternative guitar band from Manchester UK.

We sound like ..The best thing since gluten free bread.

The funny thing about us is ..If you were in the van with us on the road youd realise there is nothing funny about us, weve all been together too long and weve stopped trying. We dont even use real sentences anymore, its just making noises and then laughing and were only laughing because otherwise wed be crying.  

When we play live we like to ..Cover ourselves in glitter, because there are only two types of people in this world; those who love glitter and liars. 

Our best song is ..Whatever the newest one is, thats always the best. 

Man Made‘s new single is out NOW. Check it out here on Artrocker. And keep up to date with the band here.