Introducing Superhand! A new Anglo-Swedish duo with firm indie roots and connections that include The Cure, Primals and Florence & The Machine. Added to the keyboards and guitar of core members Inga Calstrom and Leck Fischer, the musical result is fearless and surging cross-section of rock, electronica, blues and soul, all topped off with Calstrom’s unrestrained and chameleonic vocal.
We needed to find out a little more so chucked them the 5 questions:-
We are .. An Art Rock electronic band based in mid Wales. We make music and film and occasionally put nights on.
We just moved here to live on a mountain away from everyone, only to find out the place is full of
interesting artists and musicians! We are building a studio out of mud and stone from the mountain and
are going to become monks of music.
We sound like .. A musical mix-up. We try to make electronic blues. We made an album with a big sound and now we are
learning how to deconstruct and fuck it up. We want to destroy your ears and minds with beautiful music. We listen too, and enjoy things like: Björk, Death Grips, Led Zep, Negativland, Can.
The funny thing about us .. We don’t know where we’re from. Inga thinks she may be Vulcan….everyone’s confused, and there are some rumours. But, nevertheless, we made this album….American Teeth….and we really hope everyone likes it.
When we play live we like to .. Have a fight onstage. We are struggling with our electronic instruments and things sometimes go wrong so we fight with our instruments and with each other.
Our best song is .. Our next one.
American Teeth is out now. You can check out Superhand‘s new single, ‘Bass And Guns’ here:
Superhand play The Islington, London on 27.06.15.
*NEWSFLASH 25.06.15 – The Islington show has been cancelled due to reasons beyond the band’s control*