We are… The Black Tambourines. A four-piece punk band from Falmouth, Cornwall

We sound like…. Guitars, Bass, Drums and Voices all at the same time playing fast and urgent music.

The funny thing about us… Recently our van got broken into on tour with all of our equipment in it but the thieves must have had a short attention span because they didn’t take anything. We were forced to finish the tour with no back windscreen though. Car fumes galore.

When we play we live we like to…. Transcend everyday living and lose ourselves to music and hope that if theres an audience they can do the same. Music is good for that.

Our best song is… Tough, they’re like children to us. Aggro children. Something off the new album. Maybe Punk Simon, it’s a lot of fun to play and we never get tired of it.

The Black Tambourines – Freedom – is out on September 4 through Easy Action. You can pre-order here