A painted red and white skull on black backgroundThe latest double lp compilation on Fuzz Club – The Reverb Conspiracy 5 – is our Artrocker album of the week.

Due out 19 January, it features a bunch of Fuzz Club artists including 10,000 Russos, The Gluts and JuJu.

Plus…a whole bunch of other guitar greatness from bands including TRAAMS with their biting motorik post-punk, cult Italian psych-rockers Julie’s Haircut and the harrowing psychedelic snarl of Portsmouth upstarts Melt Dunes.

Track list

1. Dead Vibrations – Swirl
2. Melt Dunes – Flesh
3. JuJu – Bring ‘Em War
4. Helicon – The Bold Yin
5. 10 000 Russos – ISM
6. Dreamweapon – Monte da Virgem
7. NONN – Time
8. Julie’s Haircut – Burning Tree
9. Sekel – Bergamot
10. TRAAMS – A House On Fire
11. Psychedelic Trips To Death – The Flesh
12. The Gluts – Squirrel
13. Avenue Z – ZeÌ tron Libre
14. Black Heart Death Cult – Black Rainbow
15. You Said Strange – Yuri’s Night
16. Spirit Valley – TNNLVSSN

Fuzz Club is a London-based record label with a hefty back-catalogue that acts as “a crucial catalyst for the trans-national psych scene and its many surrounding remits’.