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#BLOGTOBER: Artocker curates @ The Finsbury

We Wild Blood + Nasty Little Lonely + Girls in Synthesis + Ex People

#BLOGTOBER Festival brings together the best of our online tastemakers to curate 31 gigs of elite fresh music for the whole of October.

Ensure you are signed for a free ticket for free entry because we can only squeeze so many of you in!

‘Absolute Artrock Noise’ with …

We Wild Blood (Live) – 10:30pm
We Wild Blood deliver a dark devolution – double-vocals bubbling through a thick pot of broiling mess. Clattering drums face the haunted drudgery of a possessed acoustic guitar and everything tumbles slowly into a swamp of rolling electric chaos. They’ve been darkening the scene as a two piece since 2012 but have recently welcomed a heavy bass guitar to the fold.
Their first physical release, a 5 Track cassette, was released on the awesome new label Hominid Sounds in June.

Nasty Little Lonely (Live) – 9:45pm
Power-three-piece NLL are … The mutant brainchild of charlie b (bass and vocal) and ben fisher (guitar), nasty little lonely provides the soundtrack to your darkest dreams, of post apocalyptic decadence, discarded trappings of consumerism gone awry, alienation and small furry creatures with very sharp teeth. WOW! But apart from that, they are also a … tangy commingling of post-punk, industrial metal and scuzzy psych-grunge.
Edgy, to say the least, and that fits Artrocker. A self released EP and now a great new tune ‘Hard Luck Town’ available online.

Girls In Synthesis (Live) – 9:00pm
Girls In Synthesis are an obtuse punk trio based in London to aurally represent the noise and violence of the modern world. The sounds and songs are succinct; vicious, tearing guitar rubs against pounding drums, splintering bass and fractured dual vocals to create a bludgeoning sonic attack, often in breathless form – noise grooves akin to The Fall at their most relentless or Oh Sees at full throttle.

New London 4 piece who are … ” a genuine breath of fresh air to the doom genre” Heavy Planet – in other words, heavy as hell but a bunch of cool grooves, grunge, stoner and punk attitude thrown in to mix it up. A live recording and a self released EP plus a forthcoming single due recorded by Wayne Adams (Death Pedals / Shitwife).
“Proof that… there’s a healthy second wave brewing in the recent British doom resurgence” Ninehertz – 8:15pm

Artrocker Djs Stu Plimsoles / Paul Artrocker

Age Restriction: 18+
Doors: 7.30pm (Live Room)

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