In what hopes to be the first of many for 2017, Artrocker present the ‘Power Duo Artrocker’ night, on Thursday January 19th 2017. Hosted at ‘The Finsbury’.

With a ‘Power Duo‘ theme to the night, Artrocker presents three of the most exciting two-piece bands currently making sounds.

Head to ‘The Finsbury‘ for the first Artrocker night of the year and get the chance to see the following live, alongside Artrocker Djs Stu Plimsoles / Paul Artrocker

Black Doldrums: Black Doldrums, the London neo-psyche duo have made their four track EP available in the iTunes Store. A fantastic chunk of blazing psyche/gaze with fuzzed-out guitars and pounding drums. Neo-Psychedelic, Drony Rock ‘N’ Roll, Grunge undertones and Shoegaze waves. In March 2016, Black Doldrums were signed to Blue Moon Records, and debut album People’s Temple is due for release 4th February 2017, followed by a US tour in April/May.

Frauds: Formed in late 2012 in a dingy rehearsal room in West Croydon, Frauds are
an energetic, over-the- top duo comprised on Chris Francombe
(drum/vocals) and Mikey Alvarez (guitar/vocals). The band combines thick
jagged riffs and beats with a mixture of humour and anger in equally
measure. Frauds’ last release was “Suck Jobs” October 2016 through Til Deaf Do Us Party Records and debut album is coming soon.

DOWNARD:Punishing riffs, creativity at every turn, Bristol’s Downard transcend the two-piece straitjacket with a brutally subtle debut EP. – Louder than War
The power trio: a staple of rock ‘n’ roll as old as the music itself. From Jerry Lee Lewis and the Jimi Hendrix Experience to Nirvana and METZ, it’s a tried and tested formula and, as they say, if it ain’t broke…
A Vox AC30 and full drum kit in the back of a Renault Clio that Ampeg stack’s a bit of a squeeze even with the seats down, and so the bassist was out and the power duo was in.Bristol noise makers Downard have reclaimed the two-person line up in favour of the four strings – albeit with a Clio’s boot full of effects pedals – and their punishing riffs sound all the stronger for it. Think: Lightning Bolt, Shellac, Melvins, That Fucking Tank, The Dead Weather … with a sense of humour.

We look forward to seeing you all, ALL! on the 19th for some dream duets. 7:30 – 11:30pm.