resonancefm_logo-470x252Another dose of weekly Artrocker, this week with the aid of a safety net and researcher Lewis. A ‘Ramones-y’ Cross Wires give us a new anthem before we hit the heavy stuff starting with a Riot Season Records compilation featuring Blown Out, and Sloath. Witchskull, from Australia, introduce us to an intriguing local legend called Pan’s Daughter, while Morkobot really space the whole proceedings by almost being Alien. We focus on Oct. 13th Artrocker gig with some We Wild Blood (Hominid Sounds) and Nasty Little Lonely’s new offering. Punk from Cocaine Piss’ album and a brand new single from Petrol Girls. Great new post-punk from Manchester’s Duds, Nashville’s Nots and LA’s Sex Stains. Gig of the week looks like a free all (Sun)dayer at The Finsbury to launch the Dedwardians/Sly Persuaders single. Film Clubs include Fugazi’s ‘Instrument’ & Blair Witch Project + Stow Fest, Open House, Destroy All Monsters exhibition and Wandle Beer Fest. And Gig Guide.