The opening of Blood Sport‘s new release reminds of the first time you heard Zun Zun Egui – you just knew you was about to hear something great… having already had a teensy introduction already – a friend putting them on last time around on tour at The Cowley Club in Brighton, where most of the best bands that can’t get a ‘proper’ show play – literally, Cowley and it’s patrons (who mostly put on all the shows too, as volunteer non profit shows) has had 50% of the best music in town for years now. Go support them, they do it for you, and to provide a relief from the bullsh*t mainstream promotion styles, many bands are from abroad – Lo-fi, DIY, all the good stuff. And cheap environ-friendly booze yay!

This is, by all counts, an EP – it also features a wicked mix of random versions of songs, remixes and tracks off this EP, which is great for a party! Blood Sport are hugely dependent on an almost Afro-centric sound to their work. The guitars are simple, metallic sounding, and complimented by techy sounding rhythms. It sounds straight out of the suburbs of townships in Africa, where the folks have got their hands on some technology from the 80s, some tapes of rock n roll bands, and a PC where they can maybe chop stuff up on computer speakers and combine it with age old approaches to rhythm. Clattery, airy, hyper with intention, but never quite reaching any sort of high point, rather just building it up, reflecting the step to life we go through each day.

The fact this band are from Sheffield is an anomaly in it’s existence, but also, this is clearly directed / executed as a sort of reaction to those who would throw prejudice in it’s face. There is mad groovy, totally legit grooves. You dig when front man Nick Potter lets his English accent rumble through beneath his super overtly lazy vocal style… the guys have just embraced the Afro-vibes – In fact much of the vocal sounds in a vein with that UK London warehouse vibes band Breton… however, you know for a fact that Blood Sport let sh*t hang loose way more than Breton.