Berlin-based electronic-rock duo Bullet Height have revealed a stunning electronica remix by DJ Hyper for their new single ‘Hold Together’, set for release on 22nd July  via Superball Music (Three Trapped Tigers, 65daysofstatic, Maybeshewill & more).

The full single will be available as 24-bit mastered for iTunes for all 24-bit platforms and as 16-bit version for all other platforms, and will also include another remix by Texan producer ArtVersusIndustry.

“When I was sent the ‘Bullet Height’ material, I knew this was a band whose music made sense to me”comments DJ Hyper on working with Bullet Height “It’s exactly the sort of music I would choose to listen to and the ideas for the remix came thick and fast.  I’ve aimed to counterpoint beautiful melody with aggression and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  It’s one of my favourite remixes of recent years.”

 The band added; “Hyper makes brooding electronic beasts – anyone that’s not heard the albums ‘Lies’ or ‘Bully’ absolutely needs to! When the remix came back we were blown away – it struck the perfect tone & vibe. There’s already been talk of a collaboration on his upcoming material, which we’re super excited about”.

Watch a mini-documentary exploring the group’s formation and their Berlin base here:

‘Hold Together’ Single Released 22nd July via Superball Music