The witching season is upon us, the same picture of a carved pumpkin puking its’ guts up reappears on Facebook along with a whole host of other recycled images and time-tested paraphernalia. Halloween is here my pretties, a time for glitter girls and space boys to don make up, costumes and indulge in trashy otherworldly personas and bad candy. What a brilliant time of year this is indeed!

This makes me want to revisit the vaults of 1980s goth-rock and post a song from industrial metal band Ministry. As this 1984 tune would attest, originally they were a new wave synth act, more melodic and stylized than the aggressive music that would bring them fame in the early 1990s. Lead singer Al Jourgensen had expressed extreme dislike for Ministry’s early pop era output. Of the various explanations regarding the band’s excursions into the then popular synth-pop style, the most likely is that there was pressure from the management. Regardless, “Every Day is Halloween” has become an anthem of the disenfranchised goth community and a classic for the occasion. Every day is Halloween and goths are people too!

On to modern electro, New Order has released their new album, Music Complete, the first thing they’ve recorded since 2005’s Waiting for the Sirens’ Call (Lost Sirens was a series of outtakes from Waiting). The album is a return to form, classic themes of dissatisfaction meshed into danceable synth pop and topped off with a lugubrious yearning. I find a great deal of current commercial electronic music more miss than hit, so it’s a pleasure to see the pioneers return and conquer.

The Vincents is a band from Cork, Ireland who describe themselves as death-pop, bleak-drag, kitchen- beat, and howtopleaseyourhusband-core. I have absolutely no idea what this last genre is, but they do it beautifully. They are the creators of one of my favourite songs to DJ, “Asked Her To The Dance,” a stunning and soulful lament about the rejection of unrequited love on the dance floor.

The Kool Kitchen is stoked to be DJing with The Microdance again for the launch of their album “New Waves of Hope” on Wednesday October 21st at The Macbeth of Hoxton, 70 Hoxton Street, N1. It’s a sonic velvet cookies and cream combo which will rock you to a dark, happy place! With support from Crooked Teeth, entry is £5 (£3 off RRP).
Don’t forget to bedeck yourself in a nifty Halloween costume for a chance to win a signed copy of the album!

Another event I’m pleased to be spinning at is the alternative music family Goodsouls Promotions presenting Saint Agnes, Satsangi and The Hungry Ghosts. This is on Friday October 23rd at Sebright Arms, 31-35 Coate Street, E2. Saint Agnes meld a moody intensity with a fierce off-kilter blues rock fit for a Quentin Tarantino Western. It will be a night of swampy and dazed caliginous sounds to remember. Entry is £6.50, or you can message me on Facebook to get on the £5 guest list.

With Lush reforming I have a real treat; the Kitchen podcast featuring band member Phil King. Join me for a look at his career – not only with Lush – a brilliant foray into alternative music as he discusses The Servants, Felt, Biff Bang Pow and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Ola’s Kool Kitchen 281 with Phil King from Servants, Felt, Biff Bang Pow, Lush and Jesus Mary Chain by Ola’s Kool Kitchen on Mixcloud