Indie pop band Pleasure House are making a wave on the Birmingham music scene.

I had a chat with lead singer Alex Heffernan who shares everything we need to know about the feel good group and what direction they want to take in 2016.

Tell me a bit about Pleasure House?
We are a band from Birmingham and we play dirty indie dance pop, that’s our way of putting it into a category but it’s hard to put it into one genre, We’ve had many influences with a variety of genres while making our music We have been together for a year and a half and have known each other for years.

How did you get together?
We all love making music and have been for years, I went off to study  at university in Brighton and when I came back we all had fresh minds and fresh hearts with what we wanted to do with a band, we all knew what music we wanted to make and what we wanted to achieve and we started from there, it’s been going good so far.

You mention you have a few influences, who in particular?

For me personally I was brought up on David Bowie and rock n roll. We also have some funk element to us as Abbas loves Motown and soul, We also have a classic pop sound. For me in terms of being  a songwriter then Morrissey,is the king for me, his lyrics are amazing. Also The Streets have been a big influence, its more the beauty of the way they write. I like lyrics which speak about everyday life which people can relate to.

You guys got played on BBC introducing, did you send your music in?
When we released our first song and sent our music in and they emailed us a few months late telling us they were going to play our track which was cool, but from that we grew contacts and became friends with the DJS, we played our new track to him and he loved it and got it on the radio, to hear your own music on the radio is an amazing feeling

You guys are an upcoming band and really getting your music out there, what advice can you give to bands just starting out who want to do the same?
BBC introducing is a good thing to go to but it can only take you so far. You have to make sure you love the music you make, you won’t go anywhere unless you get good songs and shows. Also perseverance is key and committing to the cause. Its tough because you are going to get knocked back and may feel like you are not rising as quick as you would like but you just keep going. You need to believe in yourself, we are not arrogant guys whatsoever butt we believe in ourselves and keep the faith.A friend of my mine said, ‘you’re never going to  make it as a part time band’ that doesn’t mean quit your job straight away, even though that’s what I did.

Was there ever a moment where you thought you shouldn’t have quit your job and put the band as your full time commitment ?
Yeah, they always occur. The issue is the industry is out of your hands, a lot of things are out of your control but all you can do is turn negatives into positives and strive towards things.

Well a positive thing has happened, your single ‘ Like a Drug’ has recently come out, how has the reaction been?
Incredible , we worked really hard at it. We went to circle studios in Birmingham to record. The guy who produced it is a Grammy winner so just for his influence and knowledge was an amazing experience but recording it and having him tailor it was incredible. It seems to have worked as people seem to love it. We played a show last night and people were screaming words back at us, you don’t think that people will but it’s happened. it’s all just stepping stones, we want to get better and write better songs and progress.

What can we expect from the new EP
We have gone a slightly heavier way, it’s not as puppy as our earlier stuff. We have been heavily influenced by Tame Impala. It may seem confusing and a bit different to some people ,it has  a lot more electronic elements , it sounds like we have been under the influence of substances which we haven’t but it does sound like it.

 How did supporting the Hoosiers come about?
Just contacts, we seem to have made friends with the right people. The support in Birmingham is amazing, there’s been a bit of a shadow on the music scene here.Bands like Peace and Swim deep have had such an impact on the city and there’s a lot of good bands coming out of Birmingham at the moment.. There will always be comparisons but it has created a lot more buzz and excitement now. It’s really is a great direction for the city…

What can we expect from you guys this time next year?
We would like to be traveling the world and we’re trying our hardest to get there. You will see more songs, lots of shows, traveling up and down the country. It’s going to be exciting.

Pleasure House have just released their new single ‘Like a Drug‘. They will play the Camden Barfly November 20.

Brittany Knight