so pitted

Seattle punks, So Pitted chat about the current state of the punk scene in Seattle.

What is the punk scene currently like in Seattle? Is it thriving?
Nathan: “It’s alright. It’s getting destroyed because every good spot is getting shut down. Not too much, but there’s still a few good venues in office spaces.

I’ve heard (much like London) that many creatives are being priced out of Seattle due to rising rent, has this had an effect on local punk bands?
Jeannine: “They tear down every practice spot, and most bands content is about the rising rents and bulldozed buildings… a lot of bands are more upset then we are. Let’s put it that way. “

Is there a DIY scene in Seattle? What’s it like? If there is, who are the main players?
Liam: “What punk scene isn’t DIY?”
Jeannine: “The punk scene is Eleanor Petry. The DIY scene in Seattle is very supportive. It’s a small enough population that there’s room for everyone. We really appreciate Cameron Mcreery (he’s done a lot of work with the venue Cairo).”

Which local venues are among your favourites? Are there any new and exciting venues or have many closed down?
Nathan: “Many have closed down. RIP Heartland, Josephine and the FunHouse is part of another venue.”

What other Seattle punk bands should we be listening to?
Nathan: “The Fabulous Downey Brothers, Wimps, Childbirth, Chastity Belt, Lilac, Briana Marela, Mombutt, Casual Hex, Versing,  Lisa Prank, Vats, Pleather.”

Their new album, Neo is out now. They will play The Shacklewell Arms on March 7 with support from Brighton three-piece Gang.

Finola Doran