It was another washout for the annual Download Festival in Donnington Park. Humorously nicknamed ‘Drownload’, fans embraced the diabolical weather to catch their favourite bands and to catch the new flesh on the musical scene.

One of the many much loved bands of the weekend was Glaswegian rock quartet, Twin Atlantic. They have been working their way up the music industry for several years and have now solidified that place, alongside their ever growing fan base. With the release of their new creation ‘GLA’ on the horizon, we grabbed Sam McTrustry and Ross McNae from the trenches outside, to have a little natter about the direction they feel the band are heading towards.

With the release of ‘GLA’ looming, do you think people will perceive it differently to your earlier records that you’ve done? I know you’ve written it slightly in a different concept this time…
Sam: Yeah I really hope so, I hope they do because I mean we were bored doing the same thing over and over again and that’s not a reflection of the music we’ve made before, we just don’t want to do the same thing. Hopefully our fans are forward thinking and they want it to be different, if you know what I mean.

Did you struggle to write differently?
Sam: No, it was almost kind of easier because the way we were writing before was not formulaic. We’d done a couple of things that seemed to work that we carried on for a couple of years but it was almost like a relief to get to do something different– really exciting actually.

How would you describe the music change – would you say the genre is the same?
 Aye, yeah I do. It’s the same band and it is the same genre and music but it’s just more careless.
Ross: Yeah we wanted to change the formula.
Sam: We were trying to prove to ourselves that we could write this, we wanted to write the perfect song and we were chasing that and that’s what Ross said, we just wanted to change what we wanted to do and you can hear that and I mean it’s the most painful electric sound on the album.

Do you think you’re going to change your live shows at all?
 Aye yeah!
Ross: Aye we already have so, we’re going now for the full album and we are just doing some things differently, like the set. We are still the same band but we’ve got Sam singing more than playing guitar a little bit.

Have you got plans to change again or do you think you’ve settled now?
 Well we are quite interested with music and its relevance to people because that’s the whole point and obviously the real true magic in music is timeless for generations but we are more interested in evolving for people and in our space. That gives us a whole creative challenge.

Would you say you are happier now than five years ago?
Sam: Absolutely. Definitely, definitely. We were… that’s actually a good question. We were this happy when we put our first proper album ‘Free’ forward, we were this happy and this proud but ‘GLA’ just seems a little bit more like us… we’ve talked about if this was the album that made us, for whatever lucky reason we got really big say or if it was our last ever album because everyone hated it.
Ross- We were this proud of releasing that record but I think we are just more proud of having released a record like ‘GLA’.

It’s been a couple of years as well, it’s taken a while…
 Yeah I mean ‘The Great Divide’ was the last one which was yeah, two years ago.

Have you been working solidly?
 Er, no not really no! We finished touring the last record, the last thing was Reading and Leeds last year and we kinda started writing for no reason because that’s what we do and then we kinda met up again to do some smaller shows and we had this empty feeling. We were thinking ‘why are we still playing our old album live?’ because we are quite quick to complain, so this is us trying to be proactive and trying to be the band that we want to see out there and to make our favourite band.

Are you quite self-destructive?
Sam: Oh yeah, to the point of failure, it gets bad sometimes but we have out grown that because it’s kinda like we realised before that we had a voice but this is us using it for the first time. Before we kind of flirted with it but this is us– you know that defining moment. I suppose a lot of creative people and artists have it, where they just become themselves.
Ross- We are of an age now where that makes sense.

Are there any new bands on the scene at the moment that you are listening to at the moment?
Sam: Well there is now. Ross is championing Spring King and has really turned me onto them and I really want to see them live! There hasn’t been a band in a long while that I’ve wanted to go and see.
Ross: Their album is out today and I haven’t listened to it because I’m doing this…. so I’m getting on it later.

Twin Atlantic’s ‘GLA’ is out September 9, through Red Bull Records. Pre order here.

Hannah Vincent