From moving out of their London based warehouse ‘Unit 4‘ to releasing two successful singles and now taking time out, working on new songs in the studio, the new year is becoming more exciting with each day that passes for Keroscene. 

Keroscene have spent a few seasons out from the springtime release of their previous single ‘Just Like Zero’ for the preparation for their new single and video release of ‘I Can’t Do A Thing’. The single appear as a confident psychedelic rock single at first glance but looking into the song context and video it’s so much more.

The song is an expression of “people’s ever-changing emotional states and how ultimately one can only ride the roller coaster, not control it”.

Breeding an atmosphere of experimentation and forging a strong bond that translates into their live performances. We’ve grown cozy towards the marching-like drum parts and diluted-like guitar timbres that surround the track. The visuals effectively grasp you in the moment of being in a dream-like state and this experience is transcendental. Free-flowing projector patterns, the minimalistic approach of the video set and the band’s performance all signifies this.. As subject to the lyrics “and I can’t do a thing’, this dismissive approach could enhance that realisation you can’t control your dreams and actions so easily.

See below for the video: