Cafe 1001, Brick Lane, East London on a sun streaked skies balmy evening had a fairly magical air about it and more than a waft of anticipation as I strolled to the venue for a great nights billing,which comprised legendary band The Telescopes headlining and two fine support bands – Venice Trip and the Eskimo Chain. The venue is spacious and on two floors – with a DJs spot on the lower level and big anonymous door upstairs with no signs, which lead to another cavernous room with stage and big comfy sofas opposite. TMC are hosting the event – The Monday Club

Eskimo Chain started their set to a decent sized early crowd – many watching in comfort from said seating. The London based band of four consist of Patrick Smith (lead guitar / vocals) Matthew Mullins ( bass guitar / vocals ) Luke Spinks ( drums / percussion ) Joe Flaig ( keys / synth ). Describing their music as Alternative, Psych , Post – Punk. An energy fuelled Beat / Garage set ensues with all four looking dapper in cool patterned shirts and perfectly coiffured hair. Guitars get dirty and swirly keys are often at the fore and hair soon gets put out of place as the band sweatily move about fast on stage. People get to their feet – it is catchy and dance worthy and great drumming summons them up. They get a good applause at the end and deservedly so. A band to watch.

Next up are Venice Trip, who have been creating a buzz, getting their sound around and doing some good festival spots in 2015 and on to support Childhood and Telegram. Psychedelic Rhythm and Blues infused with a good dose of rock via The Doors and then a whole unique fresh young take on all that, is a fair description of Venice Trip. London based, the four piece consist of Andres Alcover ( vocals / guitar ).Joe Wood ( drums ) Shenny ( keyboards / vocals ) Nick GK ( bass ). Three of their set songs are from their upcoming EP – ‘Look Forward’, ‘Oh Katy’ and ‘Father Of The Universe’. The band go on to play four more songs including, ‘Violet’ and ‘Hearts Delight’. BBC Introducing have described Venice Trip live as like being grabbed by the “scruff of the neck” and in the sense that this band makes you sit up and really listen to them, because there is something very special going on here, that is true. The band members are exemplary musicians all and this fusion between them produces their sublime sound. A polished set leaving you wanting more, by way of strains of the best of the ’60’s and 70’s bands namely Pink Floyd and a mystical feel to it all, whilst still rooted in great Rhythm and Blues. The band are playing the Barfly in Camden later this month – catch them as they ascend!

The haloed Telescopes have been around since 1987 and continue to evolve both with band structure and sound, lead singer Stephen a constant. Every gig I’ve been to of theirs has been different in feel – Loud infectiously disarming, earth shatteringly wall thumping vibrating madness, septic, raw visceral near and tonight was the same. Expect the unexpected always. That night the Telescopes played to an intimate crowd on their feet – prised easily off comfy seats by the lure of the legends and expectations fuelled. It felt pretty special to be a part of this intimate set and the feeling was palpable for all of us standing around the stage. ‘The Telescopes house has many rooms ‘ so says their Facebook page and just which room the band were in we were eager to discover. The band members soon ventured off the stage as they played, in various formations and sat / bowed / crouched over amps and instruments and themselves as we were allowed near enough to touch, in a deep sensory experience of a set that left us all transfixed totally on the band. Mesmerising. spellbinding and primal to the bone – visceral vocals and instruments cutting us deep. When the Telescopes sometime play their cover of ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ they show a darker version and drawling soft menacing vocals with crashing drums and cascading fuzzed out scuzzy guitars amped to the max But tonight we have the harder to decipher, dark wailing, disconcerting chilling cries of their lead singer Stephen. ‘Beyond the Realms Of Natural Vision’ is another Facebook band description of themselves and yes, beyond and deep into all the senses are where we were taken and still standing, looking down at the crouched band members, fully expended at our trembling feet.

Words by Eva Earwaker
Photo by Jeff Moh