Covering everything from, the highs and lows of tour life, the joys of walking and of course…chips. Miraculous Mule give us a breakdown of their ‘Rated and Slated’

Rated….. Getting home from a Tour and jumping in to your own Bed…… oh the pillows …. what is it with hotels only putting a wafer thin pillow in the room???

Slated…… Olives…… what on earth are they in exsistance for. They are always offered as a side ….. I always try one just to remind myself, how rotten they are.

Rated….. Pre Gig Nerves. it is a pure rollercoaster of emotions for me. Love it.

Slated….. Pre Gig Nerves. hahahaha When you ar thinking about dropping a stick or what if a stick flies through the air and just misses the bass player. This happened before so it is always to have this thought be ore playing.

Rated….. People who turn up and say they will do something, Then they do it. Not enough of these people in the world.

Slated….. People who talk REALLY LOUD on a bus, tube, train. We all have enough information in our brains that we are processing. I do not need some other Numpty talking bollox. Heaphones in and crank up the Music.


Slated….. Nigel Farage’s chin pocket (jaw scrotum), the way that it wobbles around like a shit filled blancmange as he leaks bile from the arse crack he calls a mouth, slap a nappy on it, sickens me every time.

Rated….. Postman with a 12″ X 12″ or 7″ X 7″ envelope, charity shop finds or any bargain record shop purchases, closely followed by the snap crackle and pop, you can’t beat a bargain.

Slated….. Eau de London Transport on a summers day, gagging just thinking about it, work the summer suds up London, please!

Rated….. Curry, good Southern Indian curry. Heat and proper complex flavour, I could eat it everyday, morning, noon and night.

Slated….. The ‘Ring of Fire’ is becoming an issue though, boo.


Rated….. Walking. I love walking, I live in central London and if I can spare the time time I generally prefer to walk to a destination than catch public transport. It gives me time to reflect and puzzle out problems. Some of my best ideas for songs have come to me while out strolling. Also it’s the only exercise I get these days.

Slated….. ‘Hackney Carriage’ or ‘Black Cab’ drivers. I don’t want to tar them all with the same brush but I’ve never met a decent one. Most of them are entitled, flag waving, Tory or UKIP voting opinionated fools with an aversion to ‘foreigners’ and driving south of the river. Can’t stand them!

Rated….. Chips! I fucking love them! The recent story about how ‘well done’ chips may cause cancer hasn’t put me off in the slightest, they are God’s own snack. I recently discovered that my local chippy gives you a free refill of chips when eat in. This may very well lead to my downfall.

Slated….. Poverty porn. I never watch these shows but whenever I make the mistake of turning on the TV they are always on. They are cheap, nasty and exploitative TV with no other agenda than to sneer at, mock and divide the poorest and most downtrodden people in society. I want to know when TV production companies are going to start making fly on the wall documentaries about the greedy reckless bastards that caused the banking crises or the disgraced MPs who fiddled their expenses. Anyone who watches these shows needs their head examined.

Rated….. The moment a song begins to form in my head. Of all the wonderful moments that making music affords me nothing feels quite as good as when the spark of an idea begins to take form especially when it happens quickly. It’s often the case that the best songs are those that I haven’t had to labour over too much. It’s a particularly special feeling when it happens after a barren period when I’ve written nothing in months.

Slated…… People who take an interest in others only if they can benefit from the association in some work related way. I’ve come across a few people in the music business who will pretend to be your best friend if they think you can be of some use to them but you’ll never hear another word from them once they realise you can’t help further their career in anyway. These people are parasites.


MIRACULOUS MULE today announce details of their new heavyweight album TWO TONNE TESTIMONY via Vive Le Rock. The album will be released on 24 March (CD/Vinyl/Digital) by Muletone Recording Company/Bronzerat.

The announcement follows yesterday’s unveiling of the brand new video for WHERE MONSTERS LEAD via its premiere on Gigslutz, who described it as “1984-esque”. Lyrically as well as visually its a warning cry for our dark political times. As frontman/guitarist Michael J Sheehy explains: “We wrote the song two years ago in response to the rise of the far right we were witnessing throughout Europe and now it feels like we’re living through a waking nightmare.”

MIRACULOUS MULE is a London trio consisting of Michael J Sheehy (guitar/vocals), his brother Patrick McCarthy (bass/vocals) along with childhood friend Ian Burns (drums). TWO TONNE TESTIMONY is the band’s second album following the critically acclaimed debut album Deep Fried (2013) and the mini-album Blues Uzi (2014). The trio have taken knife-edged blues, gospel-driven rock ‘n’ roll, and elements of psychedelic soul and stoner/space rock to create a collection of songs for living in troubled times.

Written and recorded over the past two years, the album’s themes are proving to be prescient for the shape of the world in 2017. SOUND OF THE SUMMER starts out as a paean to long, hot sunny days and sticky nights before morphing into a song about civil unrest and the death of protest. The aforementioned WHERE MONSTERS LEAD was written in response to the rise of far-right demagogues two years before the likes of Trump, Farage and their supporters led us off the edge of a cliff. DADDY GRACE calls to mind the conniving ways of a snake- oil salesmen, while THEY CUT, WE BLEED attacks the political establishment for a policy that has everything to do with ideology and nothing to do with bringing down the deficit. For the title track, Sheehy spins a rollercoaster yarn casting himself as a gun-running, drug-dealing, porn-peddling son of Satan who wanders through a world populated by heavily armed outlaw relatives and a religious cult that commits mass suicide. HOLY FEVER tells a tale of religious hysteria, in which a horny young man finds himself cock-blocked by none other than Jesus Christ.
This album draws on substance, humour and soul to deliver a visceral, angry commentary for bleak times. It’s rock ‘n’ roll as salvation!

1. Holy Fever
2. Shave ‘Em Dry!
3. Sound of The Summer
4. Where Monsters Lead
5. Daddy Grace
6. Two Tonne Testimony
7. They Cut We Bleed
8. The Fear
9. We Know About Cha
10. Blues Uzi (The Reprisal)