Photo By Jamie Akrill

If you’re a fan of QOTSA, Iggy and The Stooges or The Dead Kennedy’s, then No Nothings, a three-piece from Hull may just tickle your fancy.

What are the bands influences?
All the usual stuff that annoying punk aficionados like, could list hundreds of bands. If you’re looking for some more contemporary names, we’re fans of Ceremony, The Bronx, Pissed Jeans. We’re also partial to a bit of ABBA.

Where are you from? Has it influenced the band?
We come from Hull. Has it influenced us? Well, we have songs entitled ‘M.U.R.D.E.R.M.E,’ ‘Dead Boy,’ ‘I’m Dead,’ ‘God Is Dead.’ Come to your own conclusions!

How would they describe your sound?
We call it ‘Speed Garage,’ without any hint of irony.

Your achievements so far?
Achievements? Not a great deal at this stage. We went on a ten-day tour of Holland before we’d managed to book a gig in London. No one died. Success!

Any background on their name? 
Ringo Deathstarr was taken.

Upcoming gigs/releases?
The bands new EP – the self titled ‘No Nothings‘ is coming out on vinyl this summer via I’m Not From London Records.