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Lola Colt guitarist Matt Loft lists things that he loves and things that really piss him off.


Sadiq Khan for mayor

Go Sadiq!

We watch Zoolander every time we go on tour and it never gets old. Never. I’m too scared to watch the new one in case it ruins it.

It’s actually been instagram that’s opened my eyes to just how many people are making the most incredible things right now. It feels like off the back of 60 years of rampant mass-produced lowest price beats all consumerism, and thanks to the internet and people sharing ideas and knowledge globally, we could now be entering a craft renaissance.

Have you ever been to a major city with a monorail system? It’s incredible. They never break down, you don’t have to dig up half the city to instal them, they occupy road routes that already exist and that space above our heads, but beneath our airplanes, that’s just sitting there unused… and they are fun! There are NO miserable faces on the morning commute if you’re travelling by monorail!


I’m going to attempt to write this without ranting about house prices, the privatisation of the NHS or the government in general…

Technology moving too slowly
Why do we the hell do we still have cash? Why aren’t all cars electric? Why can’t I vote via the internet? Anything that is clearly going to change in the foreseeable future but that we’re stuck here waiting for.

Mental illness
I guess this is tied up with advances in technology because we just don’t know enough about it. One thing’s for certain, in a hundred years people will look back at the way we treat mental illness now like we look back on people carrying out lobotomies or bloodletting.

The unknowing
I cannot bear the fact that I will never know the answers to the questions that are seemingly too big for this time. Are we alone in the universe? What the hell is gravity? …and so on. I’m getting angry right now just thinking about it!

Living in an idiot time 
I really, really want to slate living in an idiot time, as Alejandro Jodorowsky describes it, which is of course perfect. Before the idiot time we had no real understanding of the damage we were doing to the world. That was the ignorant time. Now we do know, and we’re not doing anything about. That’s idiotic.

Lola Colt’s new album, Twist Through The Fire can be preordered on their website. They will play The Moth Club, London July 6.