Al and Kev from Love Buzzard have listed the things they love and things that really piss them off.


I really rate a band from Leeds called Wild Birds of Britain. They’re brand new, only have a handful of demos up but can’t stop listening to them and they’ve got the coolest name of any band. They’re from Castleford in the North of England but really don’t sound like they should be.

I really rate the prawn crackers from Tesco, on about a packet a night at the moment.

I really rate food in general at the moment. Absolutely loving eating food.

I really rate hangovers, gives you something to focus on during the day.

I really rate Fort Studios and Gavin Bowers.

I really rate people who get involved in things and make things happen and drag themselves up and out of the gutter and have a big shiny smile on their face as they do it.


I hate mushrooms. Don’t really just thought I’d write it, got absolutely nothing against mushrooms. In fact I quite enjoy them.

I hate people who are anti everything. Really boring.

I hate people who are negative.

I’m anti hate.


Fuzz pedals. You can’t beat a bit of good old fashioned bust your ears fuzziness. You can always have more fuzz….

The Gun Club. Fire of love has to be one of my all-time favourite albums and never gets old!

Beef jerky. It’s addictive


Power lunches closing. Power lunches was always a favourite, we played there a gazillion times and the atmosphere was always amazing. You can’t beat dirty basement venues Noise complaint wankers

The people that move in next to /above a music venue and then complain that they can hear music; Especially the trust fund prick holes that live above rough trade west who kept cutting the power during our set.

Shit promoters. There is nothing worse than the kind of promoters who put on gigs with 3 or 4 completely different genres of bands with nothing in common and the only actual promotion involved will be creating a half arsed Facebook event.

Love Buzzard will release a special edition version of their debut album, Antifistamines tomorrow. It can be preordered from 1234 Records.

Below is an exclusive premiere of their bonus track, Make You Mine.