Photo by Carrie Davenport Photography
Photo by Carrie Davenport Photography

Making Monsters list things they love and what really pisses them off.


Emma – Horses:
I’ve had an obsession with horses for as long as I can remember. I love everything about them. I want to open a horse sanctuary and save all the horses of the world. Horses rule.

Paul – Enthusiastic Crowds:
Nothing better than having the crowd right up in your face and losing their shit regardless of whether its packed or not. You paid to come, so get up and enjoy it, it also makes the band feel less like dicks if there not the only ones jumping around having the craic, and the band and crowd buzz off each other more. It generally makes for a better gig!Brian – Touring:
There’s no better feeling than waking up in a different city knowing your gonna be playing a consistent line of shows with your best friends. And the added benefit of seeing the city, trying their home beers and food. Life!

Gary – For a million pounds would you…..
During a long drive on tour everyone starts I get a bit tired and grumpy so we lighten the mood with a game of “For a million pounds would you…” This game usual takes a questionable turn for the worse and we start asking questions that could never be repeated outside of the band. I would recommend this to anyone on tour.

Brian – Washing your clothes on tour:
There’s no greater pleasure than having the same clothes you have been endlessly wearing to be fruity fresh and clean.


Emma – Lack of showers on tour:
Not getting a shower for three days when you’re on tour. Being absolutely stinking and not being able to do anything about it. That sweet, sweet tour stank…

Brian – Moths:
I hate moths. They make me sick! I can run faster than a gazelle when I see one. One time one flew into my face. I cried! I hate moths.

Paul – Loading in and out:
Lifting backline will be the death of me. 4x12s look and sound awesome, but carting them about is a nightmare.

Paul – Dance music:
Can’t stand it. So unimaginative and hurts my brains.

Gary – Ripping the crotch of your jeans:
I hate ripping holes in my jeans when playing live. I’ve ruined so many jeans by squatting too low or kicking too high. I’m actually on my way down to the shopping centre right now to buy more as I’ve ripped my last pair at our last show.

Making Monsters’ new EP, ‘Bad Blood‘ is out now!