Parakeet list the things that they love and the things that really piss them off.


  1. Unknown Mortal Orchestra 
    The band’s brain, Ruban is not only a genius at playing guitars, he’s an amazing song writer and producer. I remember first hearing their music in a van to check out our new tour mates in the states. I was thinking “this is pretty amazing” and they were indeed impressive. They used to play in pitch black darkness on stage. I went to their recent show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire and I was blown away. I nearly cried at the encore.
  2. Google Calendar
    As a busy individual who is not good at remembering schedules, my life relies on this everyday.
  3. Hackney Flea Market
    It’s a monthly vintage market held at Abney Hall in Stoke Newington. There are lots of goodies and great DJing going on.
    Why not find beautiful things for yourself or for your home and enjoy lemon cream macarons from the patisserie? Hmmm?
  4. Kendama
    The greatest Japanese toy.
  5. Ought
    Our favourite band at the moment. Two great albums and brilliant live too.


  1. Haruki Murakami
    Yes, he’s unbelievably popular all over the world and yes, he is nominated for the 2015 Nobel Prize for literature but his books suck.
    They’re full of shallow ideas which are borrowed from elsewhere. The sentences are painfully pretentious. I have never heard people say “I have read H.M’s books over and over”. People seem to read them to fill their spare time.
  2. The Great British Bake Off
    It’s lame
  3. BBC Radio 6 Music
    Although it’s one of the better radio stations, the variety of songs are so small. I had to listen to Courtney Barnett everyday for a month.
  4. iPhone Alarm
    When you’re on tour and sharing a room and someone has the obnoxious ALARM.
  5. Breaking Bad
    I know I’m the only one.

Parakeet will play a free gig at The Victoria, Dalston alongside Shark Dentist and Weirds tomorrow night.