Artrocker Rated n Slated

Saint Agnes list five things they love and five they hate for Artrocker.


Iggy Pop/Post Pop-Depression

Iggy’s new album has absolutely floored us to be honest. It’s been on repeat since it came out. It’s a beautiful collection of songs which manage to feel totally fresh but with pure ‘Iggyness’ at the heart of them. They have the potential to be timeless.

Fuzzy Agnes

Our bassist Ben has a way of harnessing heat, electricity, square waves and metal into usable form and has built us all fuzz pedals of his own design. He’s recently created the first Saint Agnes. We’re calling it The Fuzzy Agnes pedal and it’ll be appearing on all good SA merch tables soon.

Inter-band Holidays

Most musicians we know hate holidays…they’re tours without gigs or any of your guitars. We solved this by going away with two other London bands and a bunch of pals and took over a castle in Devon for a week. Kind of like The Addams Family crossed with Beggars Banquet.  Lots of goths lounging in the grounds, visiting witchcraft museums and indulging in general bacchanalian behaviour.


Not the toys for children but a badass two piece, riff-heavy band. They’re super cool and they’re playing our single launch in June. Really worth seeing them if you can get to a show.

Lars Ulrich

Don’t sit down Lars we love you. Watch a Metallica documentary and come back to us and say that Lars isn’t a wonderful person. You won’t be able to. Because he has a heart of gold and first class dress sense and says things like ‘that’s what gets my dick hard.’ Lars, don’t ever change and don’t ever die.


Yak’s New Video

We were one week away from filming a new video featuring friends falling off a rodeo bull in ultra slo-mo when Yak dropped ‘Harbour the Feeling’. And it looks great. Our friend is even in the video. It’s a great video. Thanks Yak.

Bad Beer Riders

2 crates of undrinkable, rat-piss beer. Riders designed for teenagers. We can be found out the back of venues trading 2 crates of lager for a few bottles of local ale in venues all over the country.

Phones at gigs

We went to see The Kills recently and the audience was a sea of phones. Fair enough, you want to take a photo for posterity, take a quick one and put your fucking phone away. Your phone recording is gonna look shit and it’s gonna sound shit. And you’re missing YOUR FAVOURITE BAND. They’re in front of you and you’re watching them through a tiny screen. It’s depressing and stupid and you are missing out on proper good life moments that would look all golden and magical in your memories and instead look small and shit on your phone.


Yes a weighty title we agree for one short paragraph but 2015 was rough for equality. The music industry particularly let itself down in a big way and it makes us mad. It’s such an obviously fucked up way to behave, get in the sea patriarchy you cunt.

People whining about dumb things like bad beer riders

We’re all pretty lucky to be getting to do this at all so it is intensely irritating to hear whining from such a position of privilege… But bad beer though?! Seriously?!

Sister Electric‘ is out now.