Shark Dentist reveal five things they love and five they loath.


  1. First of all, we’d like to rate The Whig Whams and Shame
    Our good pals making beautiful and sexual sounds with their guitars.
  2. Wes Anderson
    Everything is visually stunning and he has great soundtracks…and Bill Murray.
  3. Out on the Floor Records (10 Inverness Street, London, NW1 7HJ)
    Home of Ra-Ra- Rok Records and Rok Pete’s Revolving Ra-Ra Record Emporium; the last great shop left in the area.
  4. Hannah Diamond
    There’s no better way to wind down from your long day of rocking, than to lay back and listen to this post-ringtone gem.
  5. Avocado themed tattoos
    Google them.


  1. Guthrie Govan
    As far as we’re concerned he can go splooge somewhere we can’t hear him.
  2. Open Mics
    Wherever you go, it’s always the same fucking songs.
  3. When it’s raining and the wind blows your hat off your head
    Then you pick it up and put it on your head but your hat’s wet so you have a soggy forehead.
  4. The thought of Billy Murray getting old
  5. Last but not lease, small talk
    We slate small talk. I don’t want to talk to you, you don’t want to talk to me, so seriously Dave, fuck off.

Shark Dentist will play a free gig at The Victoria alongside Parakeet and Weirds on Wednesday night.