Shitwife share the things they love and things that really piss them off.


Venetian Snares
Probably the most influential musician for us in regards to the Shitwife project.

They make weird noises! What’s not to love

U.K. DIY scene.
We got a lot of love for the DIY scene here at the moment. So many amazing bands here at the moment, shout out to Palehorse, YCVN, Nikowski, Yards, Sly and the Family Drone, luminous Bodies, Silent Front!

Henri loves a Burger!

Dancing – not moshing!
To quote bikini kill, ‘Girls to the front’! Fuck macho mosh pits, let’s all have a dance, respect each other and have a shit ton of fun!


Lemmy passing away
I genuinely believed he was gonna out live the cockroaches!

Stupid house prices/rent
We all need a home, you should not be able make money from residential property.

The pissed person that drove into our parked Van writing it off…..and then they drove off!
We loved that little blue van, we looked liked rude boys in it! Now it’s gone, we will never be that cool again.

Hipster service
Come on, if your too good to work in a cafe/bar and take like …10 years to serve someone… Don’t work in the service industry…

Beer costing over £5 a pint…
Really £5??!

Shitwife will play the Artrocker Club tomorrow night alongside Arndales and Nasty Little Lonely at The Victoria, Dalston.