Photo by Steve Gullick
Photo by Steve Gullick

Slow Riot share five things they love and five that piss them off.


Niall: At The Drive In reunion shows: Myself and Aaron were at their Irish reunion show this month and I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing they were. I was a little bit nervous as those reunion shows can be a little bit cringeworthy but they were electric.

Aaron: Early Simpsons re-runs. Classic.

Aaron: Podcasts. Two of my mates started a Podcast called “The Famine of Knowledge” which is fantastic. But I also have Serial, Comedy Bang Bang, Football Weekly and Turned out a Punk on heavy rotation and I’d recommend them to anybody

Paul: Always sunny in Philadelphia: Its just a great a ridiculously off the wall show that reminds me of my mates.

Paul: Festival season: When the weather is good there is no better place to be


Niall: Mick Hucknall: I’m not sure why I hate Mick Hucknall so much but I’m not sure if I’ve ever met someone who likes Mick Hucknall. He’s got an extremely punchable face.

Niall: High Rise (movie): I’m a huge Ballard fan but the movie was highly disappointing. Completely pretentious, obvious and tedious!

Paul: ISIS: They seem to be very mean

Paul: Heston Blumenthals fantastical food: Stop just stop. No one wants a smoke infused upside cake made out of flavoured pencil shavings

Aaron: Exams. Just finished one a few weeks ago and it was biggest slog ever. Still no results either, fuck ‘em.

Slow Riot’s new single Trophy Wife will be released on April 14 via Straight Lines Are Fine.

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