Upon the release of their debut album, Telegram list five things they love and five that really piss them off.


Coomber Electronics C’assette Recorders
You might remember these from French lessons in school, we always take ours on tour to brighten up any dressing room. Our favourite memory was using it to blast out ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ in the van whilst getting a police escort to a gig in Coventry.

The Rochester Castle
Stoke Newington’s Wetherspoons is the oldest surviving pub of that particular chain, and about the only place in the area resistant to gentrification. Cheap and cheerful.

Teenage Caveman
A band we’ve listened to a lot recently, elements of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks with Zappa-esq guitar playing. You can catch them playing either free or benefit shows around London such as DIY Space for London.

The Prisoner
A weird, almost psychedelic TV show from the 1960s about a man known as “Prisoner Number 6”, and is set in Portmeirion, Wales which is home to the fantastic Festival Number 6. Also is responsible for the title and some of the themes of the hugely underrated record “Six” by Mansun. Regardless of this its an amazing TV show and light years ahead of its time.

A magical environment full of wonderful people, a once in a lifetime experiences and obscure Kit Kat flavours.


DJ requests
No DJ enjoys getting these, it’s basically you saying, “I don’t like your music, play what I like”. Can’t help but laugh when people request an artist that you’re currently playing. Even worse was someone asking, “Can you play some house?”… I was playing Frankie Knuckles at the time…

Donald Trump
The epitome of what is wrong with everything in the western world. Volume over content, a disgusting excuse for a human being who with all that money could do something good in the world but instead uses it to stir the pot of hatred and stupidity. The fact he has gotten this much out of me means he’s already won and got the attention he wants. Fuck him and Cameron too.

Can’t bare it and probably just as guilty as everyone else clicking links to their “listicles” (urgh). You feel even more fucking stupid 17 bullet points later than you did before clicking on it and then forget why you’re on the Internet in the first place. You then hate yourself that little bit more than when you last clicked a BuzzFeed link.

Cashless transport
No money on your Oyster card? Highly likely. No contactless card? Definitely not. Guess you’re walking home through the badlands in the pissing rain and 4:37 a.m. then.

Ankle socks
They look like they might slip off at any time. Vile.

Telegram will launch their new album, Operator, at Rough Trade East tonight. The band are also playing The Moth Club with support from Warm Brains on March 3.

Finola Doran