The Lovely Eggs list five things they love and five things that piss them off.


1. Casey Raymond
Video directing, baboon keeping illustrating pal of ours. Casey is a 100% bonefide mind friar. He’s made quite a few videos for us and did the artwork and video for our new single ‘Goofin’ Around (in Lancashire.)’ He is also the chairman of Flower of Phong records and likes to make fanzines of giant cocks. Check him out.

2. Lancaster Music Co-op
This is the place where we record all our albums. It is a DIY non profit-making rehearsal rooms and recording studio set up in a disused factory in Lancaster. This year it celebrates it’s 30th anniversary. The Co-op is amazing because it allows bands to go and practise there REALLY cheap which is vital for people who want to play in bands loud and don’t live in mansions. It’s proper punk rock and and a big fuck you to people who think you need loads of money to set stuff up and get shit done. Long live Lancaster Music Co-op!

3.Richard Brautigan
I feel horrible. She doesn’t
love me and I wander around
the house like a sewing machine
that’s just finished sewing
a turd to a garbage can lid.

4. Twin Peaks
We are obsessed with Twin Peaks! If we were on Mastermind, that would probably be our specialist subject. A few years ago we released a Twin Peaks inspired Hallowee’n single. Each one was a different style of do-nut and came with a free Laura Palmer half-heart necklace. Most of them were set fire to in the post. No shit! We’ve been to where Twin Peaks was filmed and once we played a gig dressed up as Bob and Laura Palmer. We can not wait for the new series to come out next year! That gum you like is going to come back in style!

5. DIY culture
Where you are is where it’s at! Now crack on and get the fuck on with it!


1. Animals advertising their own death
You know what we’re on about. Fish gleefully jumping out of fishing nets with a big grin on their face, bulls outside a butcher’s shop putting their thumbs up, winking. Oh we all want to die we do! The pleasure, the privilege is ours! BULLSHIT! As if killing animals wasn’t bad enough, this just adds insult to injury, or more accurately death.

2. Fake Encores
Spontaneous moments are not represented by a line under a setlist and an extra three songs! B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. Fake encores represent everything that is wrong with music nowadays. They are bland, predictable, unspontaneous. They are everything that rock n roll should NOT be! We have started a petition against the fake encore which you can find here.

3. 6.30am
We’ve seen 6.30am lots of times. Before we had our baby we used to see it quite a bit because we liked to party. Now we regularly see 6.30am on tour cos we’ve got our little two year old son with us and he’s up then. Either way, we will never get on with that time. 6.30am is not a friend of ours.

4. Vocal warm up exercises
We absolutely rile against any sort of musical professionalism and this one takes the biscuit. Honest to god, seeing “singers” standing in some grotty bog before a gig humming a fucking scale up and down and all this “me, me, me” shit. Just have a Jaegermeister love!

5. Hashtags
Hashtag bollocks.

The Lovely Eggs’ latest single, Goofin’ Around (Lancashire), will be released tomorrow. The band’s’ latest album, This Is Our Nowhere is out now.