The band’s frontman, Damien Sayell lists the things he loves and rants about things that piss him off.


1. Death Pedals. Blacklisters. Downard. Broken Bones Gentlemen’s Club. Frauds. Falls. USA Nails. Yards. United Fruit. Cleft. Idles. Moriarty. Scarlet Rascal. Spectres. Lonely Tourist. Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux. Armchair Committee. The Naturals. Future of the Left. Chases. Hannah Lou Clark.

2. Alex Bertram-Powell
He created the artwork for our album. Look him up, his work is incredible.

3. Takoyaki Octopus
Deep fried octopus doughballs. They are the motherfuckin’ madnote.

4. The Freakshow Festival
Gigors et Lozeron, France – The best show we’ve ever played, in every sense. The loveliest people you could wish to meet. Amazing food. Beautiful backdrop. Just the best.

5. Idle Saint Mint moonshine
I, alongside Dev from Idles and Julia from Future of the Left, have started selling our own mint whiskey. It’s almost certainly the most delicious drink in the world. Keep your eyes peeled.


1. The sanctimony of the left
Because it is possible to take a moral stance and be in the right about important issues without being a condescending prick.

2. George Osborne
For obvious reasons, and because he looks like a man that refuses to take his socks off during sex. I don’t wish him any harm. I just hope he dies soon, instantaneously without pain, and that none of his family go to his funeral because they’ve realized what a spineless, non-descript little  arsepipe he is, and as a result of their collective epiphany they feel no sense of loss or grief at all.

3. Instagram
Because duckface, protein shake, personal best squat/deadlift/benchpress, abs out in the mirror selfie, motivational quotes, YOU’RE NOT A FUCKING MODEL, ‘Here are my legs on the beach/by the pool/in the bath’, Sunday hangover cure meal, ‘Just chillin’. #acelebrationofinanity

4. The Music industry
Because it really is only about who you know, whose arse you’re licking and how much somebody is willing to spend to have someone else convince people that your music is any good.

5. Conspiracy theories
Because some prick always claims to know the unequivocal truth and due to their inherent sense of philanthropy and altruism, they are willing to help you set your mind free. Of course, they do this by selling you the truth in the shape of their books, DVDs and seminars. All of which are available to buy at ludicrously high prices. ‘Step right up, and pay for your mind’s liberation’. Bollocks.

The St. Pierre Snake Invasion have just released their debut album, A Hundred Years A Day, this week. They’ll be playing a free gig at The Old Blue last on Saturday 14 November.