USA Nails list things they love and things that really piss them off.


1. Wire – Chairs Missing (Steven)
I am absolutely in love with the album Chairs Missing by Wire. The minimal drumming, strange and jarring song structures and dynamics entrance me the same now as they did on my first listen. ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘Mercy’ get me every time. Well, to be fair, they all do.

2. Gareth (Dan)
No explanation needed.

3. Discovering punk stuff (Matt)
I have a problem with trying to find new and obscure punk music. Not that I’m a connoisseur in anyway, I just cannot seem to conquer my insatiable obsession. Steve found his holy grail through Wire but there isn’t one for me. My wife says it’s a disease but I’m sure a disease isn’t supposed to feel quite as rewarding as discovering say, Crass for the first time.

4. Sausages (Matt, Steven, Gareth, Dan)
Brockwurst. Snags. Bangers. Franks. Smash ’em.

5. Touring (Gareth)
Touring is playing a bunch of music with your best mates, partying loads, seeing new places, catching-up with old friends and making new ones. Priceless enjoyment. It is the most fun and rewarding and experience ever.


1. Touring (Gareth)

Touring is sitting around for 23 hours a day, and drinking constantly because there’s nothing else to do. Long days and hard graft, usually at a loss. It is the most difficult and depressing experience ever.

2. Stupid food (Steven)
I can’t stand food that is presented in a quirky way. Burgers on chopping boards with chips in a novelty frying basket, chips on fake newspaper, that sort of stuff. I once ordered beans and cheese on toast and received dry toast, butter, beans in a ramekin and a small block of cheese with a tiny cheese grater. I had to make my own breakfast essentially.

3. Reality TV (Matt)
I hate reality television. No, I despise it. Especially that new shit that isn’t even real. Fake scripted reality TV. Made by morons, and featuring moronic smug mouth breathing tories with too much money and too little cellular activity in their lobotomised ‘brains’. I hope they all fall into a Biffa bin and get crushed and buried in landfill.

4. Lack of diversity (Gareth)
There are so many great bands around in the “DIY scene” at the moment. But including more people who aren’t middle class cis males aged 18-35, in my opinion, would make the scene even stronger. Yours sincerely, a middle class cis male aged 18-35.

5. Steampunk (Dan)
All those fucking whistles.

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