Weirds list the things they love and what really pisses them off.


  1. Anvil, The Story of Anvil
    Best rockumentary ever made. We love how everything one of the members says is a cliche. Watch it again with that thought and you’ll piss yourself the whole way through.
  2. Lavazza
    Matthew can’t even open his eyes in the morning without a flat white.
  3. Elton John Memes
    Our friend Rob from Shiny Shiny New looked like Elton John on a photo one time and now it’s our only form of communication.
  4. Zilla Cabs
    Straight up beefy, drizzly bisto rock amps. Our bassist has just ordered his and he’s been bouncing off the wall since.
  5. Vulgarians
    Our mates from Hull, they’re off on tour with The Wytches in a few weeks. You should check them out.


    1. Matthew Hancock
    2. Glam Rock
      Everything except Spinal Tap.
    3. Prunes
      I can’t tell if it’s a fruit or an alien.
    4. Dauphinoise
      Aidan’s worst nightmare.
    5. The Nether (Minecraft)
      Try and find the dragon; it’s the most frustrating thing ever.

Weirds will play The Unicorn, Camden on December 3.