We are so excited to be bringing you the second Dead Messenger single release on Skull Central Recordings, new single Master Plan encapsulates the electric fusion of sounds found on new album The Owl in Daylight. Immediately accessible yet enriched with a wealth of beneath-the-surface musical treasures, this post-punk-pop mash-up wears a rock-n-roll sneer and its heart on its sleeve. Together with a mix of sleazy lo-fi post-punk attitude and fist-in-the-air rock crescendos. The band explains:

“Master Plan is about Social Darwinism; I guess it’s about excess and consumption and questioning if we’re living out some kind of Master Plan as we party ourselves into extinction”

 Master Plan’s inventive use of depth and levels is testament to Dead Messenger’s song-writing flair and mastery of the studio. This blend of aggression and artistry exemplifies the Dead Messenger spirit and can be heard throughout their incredible new album The Owl in Daylight. 

The Owl in Daylight will be released in late May.