Big Scary Monster’s Tiny Moving Parts have been holding a candle for old school “emo-indie rock” since 2010’s EP ‘Moving To Antartica’. That candle might just turn into a full blown blaze with new release ‘Celebrate’, though.

With bands such as “Modern Baseball” and “Balance and Composure” flying the flag, the return of late 90s heavyweights in addition to the sad realisation that emo kids and pop punkers are married and/or own a house, this is a difficult place to be heard, but TMP are making a fist of it.

Earlier releases such as ‘This Couch is Long and Full of Friendship’ were solid efforts, but luke warm in comparison to the newest release. They seemingly rewarded with a UK tour with newly reformed Fall of Troy in September.

The album opens with the lyrics “nothing’s ever good enough!”, but rather this sounding like a complaint, it’s most definitely got the feeling that vocalist Dylan Matthieson uses it more like a charming rallying call. There’s something about the albums open 4-5 tracks that fit this mould, making me personally put my ear closer to the speaker. Strings even appear as early as the second track, a trick normally reserved for album enders.

Track 5, the albums lead single ‘Common Cold’ is full of thoughtful lyrics about the pains of modern life but does not at any point neglect melody and annoyingly catchy choruses! It’s the kind of song that will bring together sing alongs from older die hard fans, but most positively for Minnesota’s TMP, new fans can get on board with this song along as well. I feel like I’ve been singing “I don’t believe in anything” for the entire length of this review.

My personal favourite is ‘Stay Warm’. I have harked for a song to sound like one of my childhood favourites and underground cult icons Armor For Sleep for about 10 years, and this is so damn close I had to double check Ben Jorgensen himself hadn’t took over vocal duties for this one!

In short, this album is a step up in previous work. It must feel like after a casual jog, these high school friends are finally getting into a sprint. With label mates such as Godfather of emotion Kevin Devine, and the always forward thinking mewithoutYou, these guys are in good hands.

“I just wanna be remembered, like the weather…” comes the volley of vocal hooks. With this level of potential, they very much might be!

Most importantly, they have finally got that job promotion with ‘Celebrate’ and moved up a notch on the pay grade. A very, very solid effort and most definitely a reason to Celebrate (sorry).

For fans of: Armor For Sleep, Balance and Composure, Kevin Devine.

Stand out tracks: Common Cold, Happy Birthday and Stay Warm.

Graham MacMillan-Mason