ParanoidStyle01‘National Sunday Law’, taken from the ‘Rock & Roll Just Can’t Recall’ EP by American garage-pop six-piece The Paranoid Style. This is the band’s first proper release and it’s available digitally and on cassette (“it seemed like the simplest format to smuggle”) from Battle Worldwide Recordings.

We’ve had a listen and it’s a winner. It’s soooo ‘New York’ sounding. Which it should be seeing as the band all hail from the eastern USA “from New York, where nobody cares about anything, to D.C., where everybody cares about nothing.”

They’ve played just a few shows in New York City, plus gigs across Scotland which were “a blast”. An unusual start, for sure.

“We’re looking forward to getting back over to the UK.” they add. “In the past, we’ve each toured the UK a great deal in other bands – from Kilkinney, to Sheffield, to Glasgow – and we feel it’s a kind of spiritual home base.”

UK tour dates are on the way and you can keep with the where and when of it all at In the meantime… roll the video…