We Cut Corners trace back to their past for inspiration behind their bravest album yet  ‘The Cadences of Others’. 

The pair built a studio to record the album in the church on the grounds of the college they met at whilst studying, also they found the album inspiration in the line of one of their old notebooks whilst clearing out gear, and that line became the album title, the whole process became a coming-full-circle for them and the album.


John and Conall knew of the chapel as it was on the grounds of the college at which they met. It therefore had an additional significance – not only would the space prove an interesting sonic backdrop to the recording process but also proved to rekindle the excitement and spontaneity of where we made music together for the first time.

The cadences of others, like most album titles that we have an affinity for, can be interpreted in different ways. It is a somewhat strange collection or assembly of words, which on the first reading sounds quite arresting, but doesn’t have a literal meaning – on reflection however, interpretations begin to emerge.  For them, in the context of this record, it suggests the way in which everyone moves through life at a different pace, to a different rhythm- the songs on the record are all vignettes of how we interact with different life-situations (being the middle child, avoiding people, being apathetic in the face of change) and highlights how we all experience these things in a unique way.

We wanted to do something different – something that excited and inspired us. We wanted to record in a space in which accidents could happen and in a building who’s sonic qualities could become part of the fabric of the album” (Conall, We Cut Corners)


The self-produced album was recorded in a church in the Dublin suburbs and was mastered by Josh Bonati (Sufjan Stevens, Mac DeMarco, Tallest Man On Earth). The album incorporates a range of emotional folk and pop-rock tracks. By broadening their songs with string arrangements and using their church environment as an instrument, each song on the album takes on a character of it’s own.

The album is due for release in November 2016 and features contributions from Villagers’ Conor O’Brien on bass, members of Booka Brass and the Fratres String Quintet.

The band will play four live dates to celebrate the album release, which are on sale:

Spirit Store, Dundalk, Saturday 5th November

Cyprus Avenue, Cork, Friday 11th November

Roisin Dubh, Galway, Friday 18th November

Button Factory, Dublin, Saturday 19th November

We Cut Corners release their third, full length LP on Friday 4th November, as a 12” vinyl, CD and digital release on The Delphi Label.

More info visit their website